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The Spine Series

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TPFF works to respond to the needs of our community by offering education and programs that can be used by community residents to improve their health.  Understanding our bodies and the pressures and strains of our current world on it can lead to “injury, stress, too many hours at a desk, staring at screens and poor posture.”  Dr. Alex Eingorn notes that these are just a few of the ways the central body structure, the spinal system, and joints can become compromised and shift out of place.”  TPFF uses an integrative approach to working with those who have scoliosis and those who do not.  We hope to help all who suffer with back pain, to support strengthening or restoring functionality to enable healthy living

Dr. Eingorn, DC, TPFF Program Director, Spine, Scoliosis, Meditation and Research, has dedicated his “life and practice to sharing his knowledge of the spine with his patients. Our program embraces his belief that “Our bodies naturally strive toward health. All of our systems work together to keep our organs functioning efficiently, our blood clean, our immune system robust and our bones strong.”  He shares that “Chiropractic doctors understand that our systems can’t work at peak efficiency when the core structure isn’t properly aligned.”

Dr. Eingorn treated Paige Fraser, TPFF Creative Arts Officer and Program Director, Dance when she was diagnosed with scoliosis.  Before she met him, many told her that her condition would prevent her from dancing. As Paige says (picture to right), “When I think back to how scared and ashamed I was about having scoliosis, I am so grateful I did not give up or let any doctor persuade me to stop dancing.” Through Dr. Eingorn’s expertise, support and treatment, Paige overcame the physical challenges of scoliosis and this enabled her to pursue and realize her dream of becoming a professional dancer.  TPFF understands and honors those who have overcome seemingly impossible challenges like scoliosis. We partner with Scoliosis organizations and create workshops for those with living with the condition.

TPFF offers a Spine Series annually and in June in recognition of Spine Health Month.  Movement, yoga and exercise classes are offered on-line and in the comfort of your selected space; convenient and not requiring traveling.  Our virtual offering allows instructors and professionals from around the world, from England and the Netherlands to the U.S. and New York, to offer accessible and free classes.

Meet Our Spine Series Instructors

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