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Tai Chi Dance Flow

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This program targets adults who are experiencing mind, body and spirit challenges due to chronic conditions such as stress, anxiety, workload pressures and the effects of coping with COVID19. Professional teachers will adapt the ancient Chinese art form to dance movements to help participants improve balance, motor skills, posture, and gait. 

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese healing practice that combines meditation, controlled breathing, and gentle movement. There are ample research studies documenting the effectiveness of these ancient exercises in regulating mood, enhancing stamina, and improving anxiety and depression among adults. In addition, there are several abstracts that discuss the benefits of these practices and other Eastern integrative movement therapies that are being used as convalescent therapy to promote physical and mental recovery among patients hospitalized with COVID-19. 

By combining Tai Chi with dance choreography, Tai Chi Flow Dance, one  combines Chinese Tai Chi, and Chinese classical dance with Eastern cultural philosophy.  This combination results in improved blood flow, enhanced focus ability, muscle strength, and physical flexibility. In addition, the dance movements combine breathing, physical exercise, and mental stimulation to fully develop the practitioner's highest potential.

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