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Folk & Traditional Arts - "Rhythm & Teranga"

Kids in dance class.

Rhythm & Teranga is a program rooted in African Dance movement, self-expression and identity that offers participants an opportunity to understand specific dance movements and traditional practices. “Teranga” is based on notions of hospitality, generosity, tolerance and unity regardless of origins, preferences and or religious background.  The program aims to provide cultural awareness and education while offering dance movement in a safe and supportive environment.  Movements are inspired from traditional practices that impact our daily life such as birth, marriage, harvest, transition, rain, and fertility. 

The workshop includes:

Traditional dance rhythms will be explored to create emotional and physical connection through storytelling and rhythmic drum beats. Participants will:

  • Gain cultural exposure and understanding of West African fashions as they engage in traditional moves, create inner connection and community bonds. 
  • Experience live drumming that energizes the environment and connects participants through rhythm and movement and drumming circles will be offered in local parks
  • Learn about West African societies, folkloric dance routines and traditional lifestyle.

Open to experienced and inexperienced dancers and are offered in a supportive and welcoming environment

This program is part of the Folk and Traditional Arts at TPFF and aims to support community understanding of one another.  It is offered by Gladys Lowe, Independent and International Artist.  Gladys is a native of Cameroon, West Africa, who has been dancing for over 20 years in West Africa, France and New York.  She is a healthcare administrator in New York City and a certified Coach

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