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Dance - "Bent but Not Broken"

Bent But Not Broken- A Theme and a Program

"Bent But Not Broken" is a theme that drives much of our work. The word "bent," represented in work of this section, focuses on those with scoliosis, a curvature, a bend in the spine. Despite the challenge of scoliosis, many overcome the limitations and physical challenges of the condition and achieve heights in the arts.

Paige Fraser, a passionate advocate and professional dancer who has realized her dreams of becoming a professional dancer, has scoliosis.  In the film “Bent but Not Broken,” she shares her story and offers information about the physical condition of scoliosis and the impact it made on her life.  Paige has danced with the Alvin Ailey II company, Visceral Dance and is currently in the ensemble of the Lion King on Broadway. By watching Paige and others overcome the challenges of scoliosis, we have become active participants and partners in helping those with scoliosis and other spine conditions.  TPFF offers programs for those with the condition such as movement classes and the Spine Series.

The idea of being "Bent but Not Broken" extends well beyond our work with those challenged by scoliosis, though. It represents and includes those facing other challenges, whether physical, behavioral or situational.  We hope that our work offers hope to those overcoming barriers and a way to become more resilient.  In other words, we may all be "bent," feeling a weight that bears down on us, but with support, we will not be "broken."  TPFF works to be a community support that builds strength and resilience so that health can be achieved, maintained or restored.  For us, "obstacles do not block the path, they are the path."  TPFF and our neighbors…working through our challenges for a healthier community…together. 

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