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Visual Arts - "Art in Motion"

Telling Your Story Through Visual Art

TPFF’s “Art in Motion” is a visual arts program that aims to offer students the opportunity to experience art for themselves by learning about lines, sequential art, and animation.  Students use pencils, crayons, and markers to create artwork that enables creative expression, to draw from the voice from within.  

The program is offered by Michael Tudor, Program Director, Visual Arts at TPFF and open to community residents in support of expanding awareness and involvement in the arts.  The session(s) focuses on the creation of “sequential art.” Sequential art uses images that are developed in a specific order for the purpose of graphic storytelling.  Comic strips use sequential art as they communicate story through action and students are offered the opportunity to tell their own stories using sequential art.  As Tudor says about this approach to creating art, “by creating art in panels, one envisions the passage of time.”

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