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The Wellness Program at TPFF embraces the concept of holistic care as the foundation for health and wellbeing.  Holistic care aims to support wellness of body, mind and spirit as a means of improving the quality of life. Our workshops and events in the performing arts like dance, theater, music, visual art, meditation, yoga and spine series reflect our belief in the power of the performing and physical arts to strengthen and “heal” the whole person.  Our wellness program draws from Eastern and Western approaches to achieving optimal health. 

Physical (Eastern) Arts:

Tai Chi Chuan is a Taoist form of exercise and active meditation that aim to develop sensitivity, increasing levels of awareness, strength and stamina, correct physical posture and alignment.

Qi Qong focuses on energy cultivation and students learn exercises with great healing potential applicable for the promotion of general health.

Hatha Yoga focuses on the internal working of the breath within the posture, developing a one-pointed mind. By emphasizing the practice of postures, injuries are reduced as the body open.

Source:  New York College of Health Professions


Western approaches to health and wellness are integrated into our work through workshops and consultative services: Spine Series; Chiropractic Care research and approaches to movement and flow; Orthopedic consultative services and research.




Creative Arts Therapy “is assessment, evaluation, and the therapeutic intervention and treatment that works with mental, emotional, developmental and behavioral disorders through the use of the arts.” Activities include: Music, Art, Drama and Dance/Movement Therapy offered by licensed professionals using the arts to relieve stress, anxiety and to activate the creative process that resides in all


Integrative approaches to improving health and wellness honor and respect human experience and emphasize the need to cultivate health and healing through drawing from Eastern and Western medicine and practice. Now, we are ready to expand into the wellness space by leveraging the expertise of the Creative Arts Therapy into our programming. This will allow us to offer educational workshops, produce original research and contribute to a broader understanding of the benefits of performing arts in community health and wellness.

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