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Dance - "Dance to Bond"

Mother and child.

“Dance to Bond” is a series of dance and movement workshops that combines socialization, therapy, and recreation through dance and movements that are designed for both parents/guardians and children ages 4-12 to engage in joint learning and sharing experiences in a safe, nonjudgmental, and nurturing environment. The goals of the workshops are to 1) provide a nurturing and supportive environment for parents/guardians and children to bond, learn, share, create, and play together; 2) improve self-esteem, inspire positive body image, and develop mindfulness through dance and movement.; 3) provide exposure for Bronx families to experience art and use art to help them develop coping mechanism to mitigate daily life stressors and to deal with the uncertainties presented by the COVID pandemic.  

“Dance to Bond” is an 8-week series and is held three times a week. Each 2-hour class is taught by professional and empathetic dancers who have extensive teaching experience as well as coaching, motivational, and interpersonal skills. The sessions include dance and movement, drama, and creativity to facilitate bonding, team-work, self-discovery, and self-love. The holistic and culturally sensitive curriculum  includes strategies to help one hone problem solving, stress management, and conflict resolution skills.

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