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"Creating Theatre in the Curve" - Theatre Program

Gold theater masks.

In this innovative program, participants have the opportunity to experience the art of playwriting through a series of dramatic readings from a work in process, “Twisted.” The theme of the workshop is to read excerpts from a script about a young girl who dreams of growing up to be a professional dancer and finds out she has scoliosis.  Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that frequently requires surgery but surgery carries with the potential outcome to end the dream of dancing professionally.  As writing the play continues and participants learn the techniques of reading aloud and monologues, the story comes into clear view as hard work and  passion to dance drive the young dancer to the heights she dreamed of as a child.

The program is offered in local theaters, libraries and community centers to youth, young adults and adults.  Twelve sessions are offered this year. The program is offered to those with and without disabilities, in keeping with the mission of TPFF. “Creating Theater in the Curve” and participating in storytelling in the play “Twisted” is a unique and creative experience that will be long remembered. Participants will:

  • Attend workshops that include “creatives” and community residents with and without theater training
  • Participate in monologues and talk back sessions, interpretating and gainng insight into how to transcend boundaries and reach for dreams
  • Receive feedback from the session leader in the refinement of the script
  • Learn about theater performance, voice, pitch and elocution
  • Experience guided exercises and mutual support that will strengthen self-confidence and open up the world of theater.

Mary Ann Penzero is an experienced theater and drama teacher who has performed, produced and directed plays in New York City and beyond.  Her production company Penzero Productions is well-known in the Westchester and neighboring communities.

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