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Theater | Drama - "Stars 2 Be"

Gold theater masks.

TPFF is excited to launch a Theater | Drama Program that aims to engage participants of all ages and abilities in theater arts to expand imagination, deepen sensitivity and strengthen self-expression. The workshops will be offered as both pop-up and as program series via Zoom and in-person. The workshops will be led by an experienced teaching performing artist. The sessions will include improvisations, monologues and reading from scripts. In our supportive and caring program, first-time and experienced participants are encouraged to experiment with reading aloud, learning and gaining confidence and insight.

In many ways, our daily lives are dramatic and impactful as we care for family, friends, co-workers, and the community. Human interaction is central to our feeling of belonging and using scripts from dramas and musicals allows us to delve into the humanness of character and circumstance. The course includes training in the elements of performance, techniques of communication, presence, and confidence in talking and performing in front of others. Join us for fun, join us for self- development, join us to sharpen your expertise in drama and theater skills. Just join us!

Teacher reading a book to her class.

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