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Music - "Behind the Music"

Colorful music notes.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” The TPFF Music Program has been developed to offer a broad array of experiences with music, experiences that include hearing about musicians’ journeys, experiences that offer a chance to listen to and share your personal experience of music with others, an opportunity to play music yourself, if you wish.

Under the direction of a composer and musician who has worked with leading dance companies and a musician in his own right, Darryl Hoffman, we hope that you will join us on personal and professional journeys into new worlds of music. Whether music helps you to relax or reflect, or is a career path for you, our program offers an outlet for creative expression and a place where you can  share your thoughts and feelings through music, without words. Learn about the language of music as we listen to different types of music  and hear about the scientific healing effects of music on wellness, gain insight into yourself and connect with others through the experience of music.

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