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Music - "In the Here and Now"

TPFF Music Program: "In the Here and Now" Premiere at the Museum of Broadway, June 2023

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Colorful music notes.

“In the Here and Now” is our new music program, or as Darryl Hoffman, TPFF Program Director, Music, says “it’s a living art composition.”  It’s spontaneous, responds and offers the audience access to the music creation experience.  With original music created by Darryl, the program aims to engage community members with music and through music. “In the Here and Now” will be offered four times this year at four different New York City museums.

Community residents will be invited to events and become active participants in the creation of dialogue and music.  They will:

  • Watch keyboard music created in real-time, in an atmosphere that absorbs and reacts to the surroundings.
  • View dancers performing spontaneously and responding to the music as they create a physical composition through movement
  • Engage with a dialogue master who will describe the action underway and reach out to audience members for comments, creating an interactive environment
  • Experience a combination of music, dance and verbal word embodying the energy in the session and work with the sentiments and emotions of the individuals present
  • Reinforce positive coaching through diverse languages and backgrounds of the participants

Sessions aim to create safe and interactive experience, through participation and learning

Darryl Hoffman, TPFF Program Director, Music is recipient of the 3Arts Award and recently returned from Sweden where he was commissioned to create music for Norrs Dans.

Darryl Hoffman

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