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Dance - "Dance for the Hearing Impaired"

Kids in dance class.

Hearing Impaired Dance/Movement Program at St. Joseph’s School of the Deaf

Samantha Figgins has been dancing with Alvin Ailey American Theater since 2014. She has performed internationally, nationally and locally.  She has won praise as a graceful dancer whose interpretation is both creative and beautiful. “But what many people don’t know is that the gorgeous dancer suffers from single-sided deafness. As a baby, Figgins contracted spinal meningitis, which caused her to lose all hearing in her right ear” (Dance Spirit Magazine). 

As someone who has faced and overcome the challenge of hearing loss and gone on to create an outstanding professional dance career, Sam offers inspiration and hope to others facing a similar challenge/condition.  Samantha offered a 3-week residency for children with hearing impairments and other challenges at the St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf, located in the Bronx, New York.  Students learned about movement and dance; they watched and followed someone like them. If Samantha can reach the heights of professional dance (or other professions), they can also dream to achieve their goal.

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