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Healthy Eating Webinar

"Plant-Based Eating Basics"

To view this webinar, please click the link below and use the passcode: TPFF123!

In this webinar, learn about the realities of plant-based eating.

The session includes:

  • Defining Plant-Based foods
  • Plant-based, Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan
    • Outlines Nutrition Types
  • Plants and Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Daily Alternatives
  • Vitamin D and Iron
  • Fish and Seaford
  • Describes the components of a Plant Based meal and creating “your plate”
  • Offers tips about selecting snacks
  • Provides information about cooking methods
  • Shares resources available through Stop and Shop

The program is accessible and helps us all, our whole community, to make healthy choices in our selection of food and preparation of it. Watch now!


About Tina McGeough:

Tina McGeough is the New York City, Bronx-based Nutrition Partners registered dietitian at Stop & Shop.  In addition to being a registered dietitian she is a certified diabetes care and education specialist with a focus on Gestational Diabetes. Tina is passionate about addressing food insecurity and promoting healthy relationships with food and our bodies. She loves exploring healthy ways to make fun, fast, flavorful meals, and learning about other cultures through their food practices and traditions.   

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