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Visual Arts

Tribal Kid: Visual Arts Program

Involvement and participation in the arts, the visual arts, has a positive effect on children, research confirms this and behaviors affirm it.  The TPFF Visual Arts program aims to increase opportunities for children to actively create, to draw and to paint, to collaborate and to learn.  The visual arts is another language enabling participants to “communicate” their ideas, their thoughts, their feelings. Georgia O’Keefe, the famous artist once said, she could “Say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way-things I had no words for.”

Our art program, led by Michael Tudor, a professional graphic artist and entrepreneur (Paperface, LLC), creates visual arts learning environments that encourage and strengthen the ability to communicate by creating art to tell stories, share ideas and, in the process, feel happiness and joy through discovery.  Participants learn about art and create their own comic books, paintings and walk away feeling accomplished and empowered by the act of creating something unique and original.

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