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About Our Programs at TPFF

We believe that health is a human right and not a privilege. Healthy individuals and communities improve the quality of life and empower people to reach for their dreams and goals. Consequently, the performing arts and wellness are pathways to achieving individual and community collective health.

The arts have long been linked to healing and health. More than just making people "feel good," active participation in the performing arts has improved physical health, built self-esteem, healed trauma, and encouraged self-expression. For those dreaming and/or planning to develop careers as artists, the performing arts offer a way out, over or through the challenges they face.

Omarion Burke

“Dance is Healing” Alumnus

Our mission is "to inspire young and emerging artists with or without physical and mental health challenges to reach their full potential." Our mission stretches to include our whole community as we work to establish a performing arts and wellness center that offers a safe space for self-exploration, skill development, and building a community that aims to improve individual and community health. TPFF offers performing arts and wellness programs to residents in the Bronx and beyond. Our team includes professional and performing artists, authors, clinicians, and healthcare educators and administrators. In addition, we collaborate with community-based organizations and public and private schools and agencies. We offer programs in 6 categories: Dance; Theater | Drama; Music; Visual Arts; Folk & Traditional Arts; and Wellness.

“Creating Theater in the Curve” Theater

Reading Group Program

Our programs are cornerstones of our work. They aim to engage community residents and form learning and experiential opportunities where we learn from one another and promote shared values as we emphasize health and well-being through the performing arts. In our first five years, we have created space for youth to explore the arts; enhance their talents, and work with Broadway professionals, to hear testimonies from those in the community who have realized their dreams of becoming professional artists.

Each one of our programs, whether workshop, event, or class, are developed and offered with the intent to help, heal and support our community on the road to a healthier place to live and work. Join us as we explore how Dance is Healing and how the power of music, In the Here and Now, transforms our current time into a collective experience of release into calmness. We work to show our commitment, involvement, and care in and through our programs. We are TPFF!

Explorasaurus: The Dino Tourist - Visual Arts Program

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