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TPFF Receives 2023 NYC Cultural Affairs Grant!

On behalf of Mayor Eric Adams and Speaker Adrienne Adams and the City Council, we are pleased to convey the outcome of the competitive Cultural Development Fund (CDF) process for Fiscal 2023. The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) received eligible proposals from nearly 1,300 organizations representing the diversity of the cultural field and convened a total of 52 peer review panels from June through September.  Panelists assessed the strengths of each proposal, including the services offered by each applicant and response to the stated criteria.      

The Fiscal 2023 CDF outcome is informed by new, equity‐based reforms that the Program Services Unit piloted for the Fiscal 2023 CDF application and panel process. Prompted, in part, by the CreateNYC cultural plan, holistic revisions to our process implement equity‐driven changes to shore up and strengthen the cultural ecosystem throughout the City of New York in response to historic and systemic inequity. 

Your total Fiscal 2023 CDF award for the provision of cultural services in New York City is $31,520, which includes funding from the following source(s):  Cultural Development Fund baseline: $12,796   Single‐year funds added by panel score: $5,249   Location‐based funding: $3,475 CreateNYC Disability Forward Fund: $10,000 

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